Nectar & Knife DIPA

The aroma of patented trademarked proprietary etc. hops are a catch 22 if there ever was one.  They tend to be amazing, and therefore amazingly harder to find.  What’s a new startup brewery to do prior to their hop contracts starting in Jan. 2015?  Anything and everything they can.

We’ve got a serious passion for Simcoe here at TCB, and that’s great, apart from the fact that Simcoe is one of those tough to find hops.  After some searching we found some Simcoe and her daughter, Mosaic and given our recent trials with Mosaic, the decision to use these two hops was an easy one.

Simcoe has long been a classic new world dual purpose hop that has some serious orange, pine, and dank character depending on where it was grown and how it’s used.  Mosaic, a newer variety and from the parentage of Simcoe burst onto the hop scene with its sometimes blueberry like, tropical, citrus dank character.  These two hops used together and throughout the late kettle, whirpool, and two dry hop additions bring a juicy tropical blueberry pine resin laced DIPA.

Nectar and Knife

The malt bill, if you can call it one, is a mix of pils, pale ale, domestic 2 row, a touch of munich, and a ton of corn sugar to keep the beer nice and dry.  This mix of fermentable sugars lays down a nice clean background for the hops to pop off of, and is in no way balanced with the hopping rate.  Its overshadowed, and done on purpose.

We’ll have a limited run of 22oz bottles available for purchase at the brewery, draft, and growler fills as well.  Come and see us on 12/13/14 for our last DIPA of the year.