RVA BrewCraft 2015

RVA BrewCraft 2015 is our first ever homebrew competition at Triple Crossing.  It started off as just an idea of something we would have loved to have done when we were home brewers.   Since our brewing system is so small, it’s very easy for us to do one-off recipes, and we thought, "wouldn’t it be great to let the winner of this contest brew on our system?".  So we had a logo designed and threw it all out online thinking we’d have just a few entries for the first year, but with the goal of making it an annual thing with hopefully more and more people each year.

But man, did this thing take off.  We had over 70 entrants and even more beer (each person could contribute two bottles).  Thanks to the support of our homebrew community, homebrew shops and clubs alike, the awareness was built around the city and we quickly had a very crowded contest.  The great support we received from Artisans Wine and Homebrew, James River Homebrewers Club, Original Gravity Homebrew Supplies and The Weekend Brewer helped bring in a huge quantity of beer.  

We quickly realized that the three of us couldn’t judge this on our own and reached out to the local Richmond community for some help.  Some of the TCB staff and other friends graciously volunteered their time and we received help from other RVA beer celebrities that did even more to raise the legitimacy of the event.  We are so grateful to the judges who donated their time to come out and taste all of this beer and help us pick a winner.

It can’t be stated enough how often the judges in the room were taken aback at the talent of the homebrew community in Richmond.  We were all constantly impressed with the different beers we were tasting.  Starting out as a homebrewer, I’ve certainly had a lot of it in my day and I can honestly say that most of the entries we tried were up there with some of the best I’ve ever had.  I would put Richmond’s homebrew up against any other club in the country.  It was a very tough decision, but we can’t wait to announce the winner and have them brew with us at Triple Crossing!