Fulton Opening Day

We’re excited to announce the opening, on Friday, December 16th, of our new brewpub in the Historic Fulton neighborhood of Richmond.  We worked closely with Kathy Corbet Interiors to design a space that is influenced by and pays homage to the RVA art scene.  We have 2 20ft communal tables spray painted by local artist Matt Betts and an 80x15 mural on one wall painted by Mickael Broth aka The Nightowl.  We have acid stained tabletops designed by Small Axe Forge and signage by Foggy London Towne.


As previously alluded to, we’re also launching this location as a brewpub (not just a tasting room), partnering with Billy Fallen for the food portion.  Our partnership with the creator of RVA's Billy Bread was born out of a love for all things fermented, with pizza near the top of the list.  Expect our pies to be heavily influenced by and in the vein of the Neapolitan style:  thin crust, baked in roughly 90 seconds in our 1200-degree oven, with a delicate touch of leoparding lending an additional depth of flavor to the dough that was fermented roughly 24 hours prior to baking.  These pies are designed and meant to be consumed in one sitting without weighing you down.  Our pizzas are made using 00 Italian flour, Italian tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and locally sourced Sausage Craft meats.


Our Hatcher St. location in Fulton features a 20bbl brewhouse with 40bbl fermenters.  It will give us the ability to produce significantly more of some of our most popular brands such as Falcon Smash IPA, Nectar and Knife DIPA and Clever Girl IPA.  We’ve been working on perfecting these brands and others for several years over at our Foushee location.  We hope to be able to increase our footprint so that more restaurants and bars in the area can carry our beers, if they wish.  We also look forward to releasing cans semi-monthly in the brewery as well as out to market at local bottle shops.  This location’s size also gives us the ability to start a barrel storage program which is already underway.  We’ve purchased red wine barrels from our friends at Pollak Vineyards to begin a mixed culture fermentation program which we’ll release in bottles some time down the road.

Our Downtown location at 113 S. Foushee St. will remain open indefinitely and will afford us the opportunity to produce significantly more one-offs than we’ve been able to make up to this point in time. 

Our hours at the new location will be Tues-Thurs 4-10p, Fri-Sat 12-10p and Sun 12-8p. 

We’ll be releasing 16oz 4-packs of Clever Girl IPA for the first time ever as well as our flagship Falcon Smash IPA in cans on Friday at noon.  Our planned opening day draft list includes:

a.      Element 79 Golden Ale

b.      Paranoid Aledroid Pale Ale

c.      OTC Pilsner

d.      Seasonal Shift Saison

e.      Falcon Smash IPA

f.       Citra Dry Hopped Falcon Smash IPA

g.      Clever Girl IPA (also available for the first time ever in 4pk 16oz cans)

h.      Double Dry Hopped Clever Girl IPA

i.       Battle Creek DIPA

j.       Bourbon Soaked Udderly Beautiful Milk Stout