TCB in 2017

You guys, our favorite people ever, may have noticed lately that we’ve had less than an ideal supply of certain beers. Even the beer that our Fulton location was built on - Falcon Smash IPA.  How?  Didn’t you guys open that huge new production facility?  Well yeah.. but like anything else in life, its complicated and driven by many variables.

To put it simply, all the outpouring of love we have experienced has literally overwhelmed our beer making capacity across the board.  This includes draft beer to our favorite retail accounts and beer for onsite tasting room which contains packaged/crowler/growler fills as well.  We could not be happier or prouder to have this “great problem to have” but it is an issue. 

So, as of the release of Nectar and Knife DIPA and Far From Dawn RIS, we’ve declined to allow those two beers to be taken from the brewery. All of which is and has been communicated on our website.  The reason for this is simple, we need to be able to supply both of our tasting rooms with beers that we literally cannot make enough of.  We aren’t thrilled that after cans sold out, we had to place this restriction since we have offered growler/crowler fills since the beginning.  The need to keep our tasting rooms flowing with beer is entirely too important to us and is at the core of why opened the brewery to begin with. 

How are we addressing this situation?  We’re ordering more equipment, installing/upgrading what we thought was adequate infrastructure, and most importantly we’ve hired some great people to help with beer making and serving.  Also, you will notice an increase in experimental 7bbl batches brewed Downtown with a slight (for now anyway) emphasis on session strength styles and iterations with a deeply seated focus on overall drinkability – UK session ales, pale low abv lagers, etc.  Expect at some point in the future to see the first offerings from our mixed culture fermentation program.  We’re making more beer, but we will never rush into anything.

Each day we are blown away at the amount of support we’ve received from all of you. Without that support, none of what we get to do every day would be possible.   

From the entire team, thank you.