Skellington Stout

Mexican Chiapas cold brewed coffee… pumpkin spice… super sessionable dry stout.  Although that about sums up a ton of firsts for us – first coffee beer, first dry stout, first pumpkin beer – we figured this beer could use a bit more waxing of the poetic.

Our initial idea of even brewing a pumpkin beer was kicked around for a bit and from the onset, we decided that we’d try to make something different in general, and something very different for us.  The idea of a pumpkin spiced latte, but in beer form seemed to work, as an idea anyway.  A somewhat dry moderately roasty stout at 5% ABV to give the impression of roasted coffee and to keep the beer pintable.  Then, we’d use a modest amount of pumpkin spice in the whirpool (1oz/bbl) to let the spices steep hot prior to chilling.  Last, but certainly not least, we reached out to our friends at Black Hand Coffee Co. to get their input on what/how/how much etc. of coffee should go into the finished beer.

Clay from Black Hand thought that the Mexican Chiapas coffee varietal, with its smooth chocolate tones, would work well with the base beer.  Together, after scaling up the amounts, we arrived on 15lbs. of beans cold brewed for the 7bbl batch.  The cold brew was added to the tank and gently mixed via co2, the wait began.  After a few days of allowing the beer and the coffee to meld together, we poured some samples and hoped for the best.

The aroma of coffee and pumpkin spice work well together, letting you know Fall is here.  The beer is malt sweet, pumpkin spice and chocolate coffee, while finishing dry, definitely a more than one pint beer.  Come and find out for yourself this Saturday 10/25/2014 where release this beer coinciding with our event benefiting the World Pediatric Project, a highly worthy cause.