About Triple Crossing

Our Story

From the outset, we felt compelled to brew beers that, in the early 2010s, we thought were underrepresented. In full disclosure and a willingness to show our age, that was a time when locally fresh, forward thinking hoppy beers were incredibly rare and hard to find.

Our focus from the beginning, was to brew the beers we wanted to see in the world and serve them directly to our guests. The need for control across every facet of our beer - the brewing, fermentation, packaging, and serving is THE core thread woven throughout all that we do.

It is our intention and focus to brew classic styles that feature our modern approach and process control. We seek the complex, but not by way of complication, and have long felt that less is often so much more. Our catalog of mostly approachable, elegant, and understated beers is both complimented and supported by the few deeply impressionable beers we brew. We’ve made the decision to play the long game, by staying true to what we believe beer is and should be.

On this page, you’ll find some outside recognition for some of those beers, and while aiming to catch the eye of beer media isn’t our intention, it’s nice to be noticed all the same.


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